Here is where you will find the links that are so typical of web pages and are the core to the magic of the Internet. In the process of putting these pages up in the Web, I found that most of the search engines requested that I link back to them, so I'm doing that for those that can use this. Other links are more relevant to what these pages, in particular, are all about - Art, friends, and interesting sites.





Agora Gallery, Soho, New York - Agora gallery is a contemporary art gallery - located in Soho, New York City, in the hub of gallery buildings and museums. Provides art-consulting services to private and corporate collectors. Artist portfolios are accepted for review.

Avisen-Avk Art Gallery - Avisen - Avk is a Danish based art and culture magazine that went online in August 2004. The Artists here are of a high quality and well worth checking out.

Art Cove Gallery - Be prepared to be exited with our online art display. We specialize in original sculptures and paintings of wildlife, abstract and human figures. New pieces are is being added weekly. Start adding to your art collection by visiting us often. Commissions are also available.

Wagner Bazarin Art Gallery - The objective of Wagner Bazarin Art Gallery is to present data, images, and information concerning fine art, in the service of both artists and the general public, to foster research, exposure, understanding and awareness of the art in the world. The diverse cultural perspectives of a many-peopled society are presented in the gallery by its artists and organizations.

Boston Arts - Fine Craft Division of Mann Gallery Figurative Art - Something for those who think they have everything at a gallery of decorative & fine art craft items by artists from USA & around the world! Give your friends (or yourself!) something different:.. unusual & original one-of-a-kind works that show your personality and creativity as well!

Columbine Art Gallery -- National Sculptors Guild - If you love sculpture this is going to make you very happy.

Digital Information Gallery - A gallery of Digital Artists

Euro-Gallery - The European Cyber Gallery of Modern Art. Great Gallery, great art, and a very well developed site definately one to see.

Gallery Now - This is an International online gallery featuring over 105 artist from all over the world. This is a first-class gallery with some great art.

Gallery - Online Fine Art Gallery presenting original paintings signed by talented artists worldwide!

Gift Ideas And Unusual Gifts - Looking for that unusual gift idea? - Find it here!

John Hein Gallery - A designer and builder of one-of-a-kind, craft-based, solid hardwood furniture for the art market, using traditional joinery and wooden pegs. Beautiful work, classic craftsmanship, and top of the line design work.

Kurai Hoshi Gallery - "Since the Death of the History of Art all works have become simultaneously and irrevocably traditional, avant-garde, conservative, modern, revolutionary and reactionary.".......come and explore this challenging new landscape at KHG....

IsabelDeco Gallery - IsabelDeco supplies high quality oil reproductions of Masterpieces: Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Degas, Manet, Botticelli, Gauguin, & more ...Secure Order. They also have a tremendous set of links to other artists in a real broad range.

Jan Collins Selman Fine Art - Jan Collins Selman Fine Art Gallery is located in the scenic pre-revolutionary war coastal village of Falmouth Massachusetts and offers a wonderful blend of yesterday and today in a casually elegant setting that offers city quality with country hospitality.

SoCoOl Gallery - Run by Robert Kennedy. Good guy and he has a pretty extensive site to explore in itself, including the Enchanted Creek Gallery.

20th Century Fine Art Gallery - 20th Century Russian Fine Art Legacy. If you are interested in what kind of art is happening in Russia, this might interest you.

White Web Fine Arts - A very high quality fine arts gallery, with some beautiful pages and some very excellent artists and artwork. Melanie and Gary have put a lot of thought and work into this, and it shows. They feature a few specific artists, including myself.


Trisha Flynn - Mystic Heart Creations - Trisha Flynn has put together this set of pages showing her oil paintings, photography, and poetry, ranging from the metaphysical to garden scenes, florals to faries and angels, landscapes to portraits and much more. Her work is inspirational, beautiful and wonderful. This is a site that will not only make your day better, but possibly change your whole being.

Bonnie Hamre - Welcome to Santa Cruz - Bonnie Hamre has put together this set of pages showing the attractions and flavor of this area, a great site to explore and visit.

Tom Most - The WebDoctor, and a mentor to me. He helped me learn HTML, encouraged me to set up a site, and has been invaluable for a very long time. He's a great guy, and he's really an expert at what he does. Check it out!

Geoff Panek - A Master webmaster, Programmer and spiritual questor. One who left the money and the city for the country and peace and harmony within, and is doing it well. His pages are well worth exploring, and as far as I know his pages have the only restroom facilities for those surfers in need of relief.

Steve Soskin - A friend that takes web pages and performs magical things with them. You just have to check out what he's done. Awesome.


Every Path Serves A Purpose - When the student is ready . . . the lesson appears.

Lucidcafe - Virtual cafe and interactive web magazine serving up a rich menu of images and information. Special guests, Cafe Forum, Art Forum, Gallery, Library and more! Access and enjoy.


ArtMetal Village - This is a great site for those interested in metal artworks ranging from cast and fabricated sculpture to jewelry. It's also a a fine place to find resources for working in metal.

Artworks Foundry - The Artworks Foundry in Berkeley, CA is a high quality foundry for bronze casting. The resources page gives information about the "lost wax" casting method, the care of bronze, and other information usful to those interested in bronze sculpture.

Bonny Doon Engineering - For metal sculptors, jewelers, and others that have a need for a Hydralic press that's the finest made, as well as other tools of the trade, visit this site.

California Regional Directory - A fine site for anyone looking for anything in California

ComFind - Search Engine

InfoLink - A program that helps you verify your links - a must for web page designers. Exclusively for Windows 95 and NT users

InfoSeek - Search Engine - Marketplace for building stones

International Sculpture Center - Here are resources related to sculpture on and off the internet. Run by a great guy, Richard Collins. This is also the source of the premier magazine for sculptors, Sculture Magazine administered by Michelle Coleman ( who is not only easy to communicate with, but is helpful and a great resource.

PJL Enterprises - Patrick J. Lamusga is a distributor of some very fine woodcarving and woodburning tools

Print Direct for Less - Postcard Printing, Direct Mail Marketing, & Brochure Printing Full Color Printing Service at the Guaranteed Lowest Prices! Design your own Posters, Post Cards, Business Cards, Catalogs, Flyers, etc. online and we will print and ship your printed products to you within 24-48 hours.

Poster Printing, Brochure Printing, Color Copies -Offering you the finest services in poster printing, including the best rates on brochure printing and color copies.

Resources - This is a master link to a page of resource links to sculpture and bronzecasting related sites.

Thoughtful Times - Fine Art Prints and Reproductions as well as Knives and a fine set of links.

Yahoo - A well known Search engine with some nice folks

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