The Great Oak Tree

Part 2

From Concept to Completion


Going from the concept to making this wall hanging for the board room of Avon Products, Inc. a reality was a lot more time consuming that I thought it would be. The main reason for this was that I started it as winter came on, and due to its size I could only work on it between rains, snows, and below freezing temperatures. The first part of this project was constructing the armature, which was laid out on a full scale drawing, and constructed of rigid copper pipe soldered to normal copper waterline fittings.
Then the real work began, which was a LOT of banging and pounding of sections of copper for the branches and roots and brass for the leaf clusters, and some intricate fitting and soldering.
and slowly, but surely, it grew and grew and finally started to look like the original concept.
Here's how it now looks hanging on the boardroom wall. The final dimensions are approximately eight feet wide and six and a half feet high and about four inches deep.

This was a very interesting project and it had a lot of challenges. I can't say enough about how excellent it was to work with Kathy Wierich. She was helpful, patient, and a great communicator. Avon hasa real treasure in her. I am thankful for the opportunity to creat this and bring it to completion. If you'd like to compare the completion with the concept, click on the link below.


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