"Yosemite Falls"

Copyright 1996 by Michael Dunn

Edition Size: 1000

Media: Bronze

Size: 13" x 9.5" x 3/4" - Unframed

Price: $450

The wax for this Bronze casting was poured in a mold taken from a bas-relief I carved in Basswood (Linden wood) a few years ago. At that time I was carving a lot of doors that wound up in a lot of places, but never here, and I wanted a carving for myself. My love for Yosemite is old and deep, and so that's the reason I choose it as the subject for a piece I knew would take many hours to accomplish. The depth reads proportionately accurate, and the quality and detailing communicate the feeling of Yosemite. In this medium, it is now suitable for outdoor exhibition as well as interior applications. It can be framed (upon request) and hung on a wall, or mounted directly amongst tile, rock, or cement work. Typical would be mounted in the rock work above a fireplace, as a focal point on or near an entry door, set into a gatepost , etc. If you are interested, please state your final use, and how you want to mount this, if you do. Each piece is individually signed and numbered by Michael Dunn.

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