The Hand of the Woman Scorn'd

started out as an element of "Mother and Child" but had such an impact on it's own that it became a stand alone sculpture. The source of this idea stems from an encounter I had with a friend of mine who took it into her head that I'd scorned her, and let her claws come unsheathed, and I found that they are sharp indeed. I learned that pride and ego and percieved hurts can really spoil a good friendship. When you combine a lot of past pains with a super intelligence and a very willful mind, and then offend that personality, the resultant reaction can be lethal. This sculpture is meant to be a tribute to that viciousness and mindless fury that I saw unleashed. It's too bad that pride and self-centerdness can distort communication so much.

Hand of the Woman Scorn'd

by Michael Dunn

Copyright 1996

Edition Size: Unlimited

Media: Bronze

Size: 6"x6"x4"

Price: $666 - unmounted

$50 for wood
$100 for Black Granite

Shipping and Handling: $13.00

Sales Tax: 8.25%

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