Copyright: 1995 by Michael Dunn

Media: #1 Pottery Plaster

Edition Size: 1

Size: 13.5" x 6" x 6"

Price: Not For Sale

Birdwoman was originally modeled in Plasticene (oil clay). A rigid plaster mold was made of that, and this Master was cast from that, and the mold was then destroyed. This master was filled, sanded, and worked until it achieved the surface that would hold up to a mirror-like surface suitable for metal-flaking and top-coating. This was necessary in order to make a mold that would work for the Bronze Edition as well as a Hydrostone edition.

There's something like 15 coats of metal-flake and clear paint on this, and in real life it definately shows. The limits of the internet are that if I were to attempt to show you the whole sculpture in the detail of "Reflections," it'd take about an hour to load. Oh well.

Anyway, This is just for show until the editions are sold off, and I'll probably never sell this anyway, although I'm presently in the process of putting together an Edition Varied (EV/"N") of this figure in which an Hydrostone is cast, and then painstakenly brought up to this state of perfection, and then painted in a variety of ways, ranging from a duplicate of the Master to high gloss solid colors, such as Jet Black, and anything else I might feel is appropriate. If this appeals to you, drop me a note, and we can discuss it.

The thought for this piece originated from "Birdwoman Falls" in Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park in Montana and Alberta. It's a nurturing feminine figure that evolves to the fredom and strength of the major predator birds at the top of the food chain. Woman is all of this, and more. The hollowed, cupped area is to signify that there is a place for the child, but it's now empty - a sign of maturity.

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