Title: Celtic Triple Knot
Artist: Michael Dunn, 1947-
Signature: Each Tile is hand initialed and sequentially numbered by the artist.
Release: August 1995
Foundry: Bronzeworks, Santa Cruz, Calif.
Copyright: 1995 Michael Dunn
Print Medium

Celtic Triple Knot

1995 by Michael Dunn was originally created as a plastic model in 1995. A polyurethane mold was made of this model and then a microcrystalline wax was cast in this mold. The wax model was then used up in the lost wax casting process of casting the bronze tile. The tile was then hand finished and patined. Upon completion of the edition the mold is destroyed as well as the original model. There will be no further editions of this distinct image.

Description of Edition

Limited Edition: 1000
Artist's Proofs*: 50
Total Edition: 1050
* Note: "Proof" is a term used to designate a portion of an edition selected by Michael Dunn to be used for a specific purpose. To the extent that there are any proofs in the edition, these tiles are identical to the limited edition tiles. In the case of Artist's Proofs, for example, up to 50% are the property of the artist, and the remainder are donated to worthy cause organizations or sold.
Casting Number:________/1000
Tile Size: 8" x 8" x 1/4"

Chop or Stamp: None

A few words about the Celtic Triple Knot.

This image is an original designed by Michael Dunn. It includes, in close proximity, a two strand knot, signifying duality, three lobes, signifying the spirit, mind, and body, and the outer ring, which signifies unity and perfection.

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Copyright 1995 - 2001 by Michael Dunn

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