The Art from Enchanted Creek Studios varies in many ways, among them media, process, and subject matter. Here you may browse among some of the art that has come from this small studio. Shown here, so far, is a portion of the sculpture, mostly bronze, and a good taste of some of the two-dimensional and digital art. The sculpture has it's earliest beginnings in woodcarving and jewelry, and the digital art has it's beginnings in drawing and photography, and in the process, there has been a merging of some of the media.

Art, to me, is a way of being involved with the creation of the universe. It happens and I see it evolve before me, and I get to partipate in it's birth. From there it has a life of it's own, and some of what I'm doing will live for thousands of years. That's an awesome concept to me. The variety of what I do and the mediums I work in are a result of attempting to express an idea or concept in the way that communicates it best. It's my pleasure to be able to share with you the beauty I see, and the tendency towards perfection that the human race strives for.

Also, from this page you can follow these links to other artists, art sites, galleries, and resources, and, if you are interested, my Artist's Statement, Résumé, and the legal forms that make being an artist possible.


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