"Coming and Going"

Michael Dunn


Alabaster and Bronze

Edition Size: 1/1

Size: 9" x 6" x 4"

Price: $1996.00

Coming and Going

started out as a piece of speckled white Alabaster that sort of evolved as I carved out the fractured and rough parts, and then once the shape took form, I went ahead and took it to where it wanted to be. The sculpture that resulted was obviously figurative, and the name seemed to describe it pretty well, but, of course, I saw it with my own eyes, and felt it's presence with my own past in mind.

Coming and Going
the way of life. Women, people, events, and things come into one's life wide open and wanting to be with you, and when the time has come to part, there is often an arrogance and a casual flip-off as they part, as if all that transpired was nothing very important.

And so
this sculpture was six-sided, meaning it had no real base or way to make it stand up on it's own. It sat around for a year or two while I tried to think of a way to support it and nothing acceptable came to mind. A recent relationship renewed my interest in this piece as it typified the wanting in the beginning, and the lack of feeling or compassion in the departure, and so I picked it up and began to look at it a little differently. Playing around one day, I started applying wax to it, and that's how the supporting stand came about - it just evolved as a continuation of the lines of the stone. To get the two different materials to fit was tricky, as the stone has a set size, yet the bronze shrinks in the casting process, but it all worked out to form a whole that has a certain degree of elegance. I like this piece a lot, and apparently so do others.

A Certificate of Authenticity and a Transfer of Original Artworks accompany this sculpture.

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