Artist: Michael Dunn
Address: P. O. Box 455
Boulder Creek, Calif.
408 395-0881
  1. Sale: Artist hereby sells the Work to Purchaser at the agreed value of $_____________

  2. Notice of Exhibition: Before committing the Work to a show, Purchaser must give Artist notice of interest to do so, telling the Artist all the details of the show that Purchaser then knows.

  3. Provenance: Upon request, Artist will furnish Purchaser and his successors a written history and provenance of the Work, based on the Artist's best information as to shows.

  4. Artist Exhibition: Artist may show the Work for up to 60 days once every five years at a non-profit institution at no expense to the Purchaser, upon written notice no later than 120 days before opening and upon satisfactory proof of insurance and prepaid transportation.

  5. Non-Destruction: Purchaser will not permit any intentional destruction, damage or modification of the work.

  6. Restoration: If the Work is damaged. Purchaser will consult Artist before any restoration and must give Artist first opportunity to restore it, if practicable.

  7. Rents: If the Work is rented, Purchaser must pay Artist 50 percent of the rent within 30 days of receipt.

  8. Reproduction: Artist reserves all copyrights and rights to reproduce the Work.

  9. Notice: A notice, in the form below, must be permanently affixed to the Work, warning that ownership, etc., are subject to this contract. If, however, a document represents the Work or is part of the Work, the Notice must instead be a permanent part of that document.


Ownership, transfer, exhibition and reproduction of this Work of Art are subject to a certain Contract dated ___________________ between:

Artist: Michael Dunn
Address: P. O. Box 455
Boulder Creek, Calif.
408 395-0881
Purchaser: ________________________
Address: __________________________
Phone: ____________________________

  • Expiration: This contract binds the parties, their heirs and all their successors in interest, and all Purchaser's obligations are attached to the Work and go with ownership of the Work, all for the life of the Artist and Artist's surviving spouse plus 21 years, except the obligation of Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 shall last only for Artist's lifetime.

  • Attorney's Fees: In any proceeding to enforce any part of this contract, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney's fees in addition to any available remedy.




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    All rights reserved


    P O Box 455
    Boulder Creek

    Phone: 408-395-0881


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