Carved Doors

were my first introduction into becoming a professional artist. I carved raised paneled doors, mostly in Oak and other hardwoods, for about eight years, and in the process I learned a lot about carving, especially in oak, and a lot about the business of being an artist. The panels you'll see below are fairly typical of some of the work I did during this period. The panels themselves are all I ever saw of the doors, as after carving the panel, it was shipped to a door manufacturer, and there installed in the actual door, and then delivered to the client. The general idea was usually the client's, but the layout and design work, as well as the carving, is of my doing. If any of this interests you personally, I am still open to doing commissioned works from time to time. Contact me via email if you wish.

Oak Leaf Panel

Winery Doors

Library Door
Minden, Nevada

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