Altered Fractals

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Fractals are a form of geometry, a mathematical representation of the chaos in nature. They are infinite in at least four directions, are based on indeterminates, and are amazing to look at. They have applications in weather forcasting, memory storage, and many other scientific fields. The images you see here are what I call "altered" fractals, meaning the pure fractal has either been altered or used with other elements to create the whole image. The fractal element in a few images has been so minor that they aren't listed here, but are on the digital compositions pages. Prices for cards and prints are listed at the bottom of the page.


Capillary View

Flying High

Galaxy Within

World Within

Deep Space

Jeweled Julia

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All cards and prints are limited editions, numbering no more that 500/printing, and no more than 7 printings. All are numbered sequentially, and signed by the artist.


are $3.00 each
$30.00 per dozen (Minimum Order)

Includes tax, shipping and handling


Are priced according to size and quality
Ranging from $50.00 to a few hundred dollars

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