Silver Infinity


Michael Dunn

Sterling Silver

Edition Size: 470

Size: 1" x .5" x .5"

Price: $100.00

This is the the first piece I made that led me into the infinity series of Bronze sculptures which followed about a year later. It is also the beginning of an extended series of small scale sculptures I cast in silver, some in small editions. The concept of infinity - never ending - eternal - has intrigued me since I was a child, and then when I got into higher math I found that it had a definate place in reality - one step removed. It's always just one more, or one less, one bigger, or one smaller than anything in our reality. It goes on forever, and yet never is. It has a very strong relationship with the concept of zero, and can be equated with it in relationship to some things, like God - "I am the Alpha and the Omega" - if you have a tendency to mix the spiritual and the mathematical. Some don't. This is a nice piece and is hand finished to a very high polish. A Certificate of Authenticity and a Transfer of Original Artworks accompanies it.

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