Here is where you will find the links that are so typical of web pages and are the core to the magic of the Internet. In the process of putting these pages up in the Web, I found that most of the search engines requested that I link back to them, so I'm doing that for those that can use this. Other links are more relevant to what these pages, in particular, are all about - Art, friends, and interesting sites.





Alan Andersen - Andersen Jewelry Design - Alan R. Andersen is a Goldsmith and Platinumsmith as well as a Custom Gem Cutter. He has been designing and crafting fine jewelry for over 30 years and more then 10 years at this location. Alan specializes in custom Engagement and Wedding rings and designing and creating fine jewelry.

Mimi Ross Blank - Tile Murals by Mimi: Original tile murals are custom designed, hand painted, and kiln fired by master artist, Mimi Ross Blank

Tiziana Ciaghi - This is a very talented Italian artist. She paints in a variety of media, from acrylics and airbrush to the computer and it's all beautiful and very well executed. Her own words best describe what her art is like. "My spirit is with the Nature, I like mountain landscapes, wildlife, lakes, the silence and harmony, light and colours, the free space, the sense of wonder.... all this is part of my heart."

Ruth Bloch - Fine Bronze sculpture, much of it representational figurative with a lot of smooth-form and delicate work. A nice site featuring some great sculpture.

Nora Hall - Nora Hall's New Carving Patterns. Come over and have a look, and download these great patterns for your next carving, wood burning, or wood painting project. A fine source for traditional European designs.

Mark Henson - Sacred Light Studio - the works of Mark Henson, one of the finest oil painters I've ever seen. His work is sometimes erotic, and sometimes political, and always astonishing to see. He weaves lovers into clouds and landscapes, dreams into reality, and plays in the region between the sacred and the profane. His political imagery will make you think about what we are doing as a society and grasp the immensity of the influences we are having on the planet. The detail and use of color and light are something you need to see up close and since he and Monti, his partner, travel quite a lot exhibiting and touring the western states. you can check out the site and make a point to see this art for yourself.

Gene K. Mace - Windows of the West - Beautiful photography by Gene K. Mace of scenic sites, landscapes, nature, waterfalls, sunsets/sunrises, and wildlife from around the west

Dino Muradian - Pyrographic Art - The work you'll see at this site will amaze you. It's woodburning taken to an extreme. The skill and touch, sensitivity and vision is beyond any words I can write here. Just see this for yourself. It's beautiful.

Becky Schultz- Native Expresions - is the site of a long time friend of mine, Becky Schultz, and it features some very fine work specializing in mixed media masks and other works inspired by the peoples indigenous to the Americas.

Suzana Stojanovic - The Magical World of Horses - The Equine Art of Suzana Stojanovic an artist. Original oil on canvas and pastel paintings. High Realism.

Corinne Whitaker - The Digital Giraffe - A monthly art journal which she has been publishing online for five years. A very impressive artist from Carmel with work that is bold, bright, and solid and very well recognized. She has an awesome list of exhibitions and awards to prove it, and a set of links that can set you surfing for a long time.

Stan Yarramunua - Unique Gifts - Unique Australian Aboriginal Art. Buy hand carved and painted Didgeridoos, Boomerangs, Aboriginal Art paintings, Frog Callers, Traditional Masks and lots of other unique gifts. When Stan first contacted me to put up a link to his original site he was doing what he described above, but over the last 20 years he has eveolved into what you will see on his new site.Designs by Australian Aboriginal Stan Yarramunua from the Yorta Yorta tribe. Orders shipped worldwide.

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