The sign pictured above is a commissioned work for John and Barb Harriman, who have their home up on the Skyline ridge of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Their view is vast and they look down upon all of Santa Cruz county and Monterey Bay and a little into Big Sur. The name of their home seems appropriate.
This sign, as you can see, is based on Celtic knots and each was chosen with care. Each has significance and is woven in time as they originally came from ancient texts and manuscipts. The braid that makes up the border was more time consuming than all the rest to make, as the small holes became infinite in number and tediousness, but it's what was appropriate for a sign like this. The script is an Uncial script for those into calligraphy. It was a pleasure and a challenge to make all the elements of this sign and the exactitude of the Celtic knots leave no room for error. Below you will see closeups of the elements as well as one of the orginal concept renderings.

Thanks John and Barb


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