This page is a collection of resource pages related to sculpture, bronze casting, mold making, and the business stuff that no one wants to really deal with, but needs desperately from time to time. For most of these it's a one way trip - if you go there you will only be able to return to these pages through the use of the "Back" button so bookmark this page right now. A few may have a mutual link back to here, but don't count on it.

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A comprehensive Resource for Sculptors - Here are gathered all links relating to sculpture.

Internet Art Resources - Your complete guide to visual resources.

Links - This is a page of art and artist's links compiled over time. Some are general, and some are quite specific. If you get into this, kiss off the rest of your evening. Take notes, you'll need them. There IS a test later.


National Sculptor's Guild - The National Sculptors' Guild is an association of nationally recognized sculptors chosen for their outstanding artistic abilities as well as their varied subjects and styles. The Guild will provide you with with an exceptional, beautifully accomplished sculpture, that compliments your home, business or preferred site. The Guild's sculpture encourages individual interpretation and interaction by the viewer and is constructed in a manner that will allow it to be enjoyed for many generations to come.

Sculptor's Society of Canada - The Sculptor's Society of Canada was founded in 1928. It is dedicated to the ecouragement of sculptors and sculpture, the provision of a forum through which artistic standards can be raised, and to discover and foster young talent.


Bronze Sculpture - HOW BRONZE SCULPTURE IS MADE. A step-by-step look at casting a piece of bronze sculpture.

Interstone - The International Trading System for the Dimension Stone Industry. If you are looking for carving stones this is the place to look. Awesome site.

Polytek - Polytek Development Corp. is a leading producer of liquid rubbers and plastics for molds and castings.

Synair Corporation - A supplier of a very good polyurathane mold making compound.


American Renaissance for the Twenty-first Century, Inc. - A nonprofit foundation dedicated to a rebirth of Beauty and humanistic values in all of the fine arts. We publish a quarterly magazine: ART Ideas and sponsor exhibits, events, and art that furthers the values of established western art forms: representationalism in painting and sculpture; melody and harmony in music; grace in dance; structure, coherence and meaning in drama, poetry and literature - and the expression of Beauty in all. We champion art that portrays the world at its most beautiful and man and woman at their best.


Index to the Copyright Office - The complete index to all and everything you might ever want to know about copyrights. Straight from the U. S. Government. Real dry, not a lot of fun to read, but who knows, you might just like what you see here.

Robert's Rules of Order - The basic rules for running a meeting for those that want to know.

The U. S. Constitution - Not much to do with diets, political mood or ships, but a good resource nonetheless.

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