The Bronze Reliefs
featured here are from a series of tests that I was running concerning shrinkage and metal temperatures, warpage, practical thicknesses for casting and a few other things. "Yosemite Falls" is a casting of a woodcarved bas relief and it casts consistantly well. The tiles are another story. Temperature is real critical with them - too hot and they pull apart when they cool and shrink and warp real bad. Too cool and the metal cools before all the areas are filled, leaving holes. The warpage has to be straightened out before they can be finished flat on the raised areas, and the shrinkage has to be such that the final size is a true 8" X 8". Some were cast at Cabrillo College using an investment cast, and the rest at the Bronzeworks using a shell cast. All were done by the lost wax method, and the waxes for the editions were cast in molds made here at Enchanted Creek Studios. All the pieces featured here are hand finished and patinaed by the artist.

Yosemite Falls
Celtic Knot Tiles

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