The Figurative Bronze Series

started in 1994 with "Woman in Bronze." followed by "Wizard in Ecstasy." and then by "Rapture," and finally, by "Birdwoman." The commonality in these is the reference to the human body that is found in aspects of each piece. The sensuality of the curves and the surfaces is meant to be a reminder of the true beauty to be found in each other. They are all about a foot or so high, and are meant to be touched and polished occasionally. The ultra smooth surfaces on some of the pieces are a difficult technical detail because the closer it approaches a true mirror the more any inconsistancies show up. The reflections will bend with the surface and any abnormalities will either exaggerate or diminish the bend, causing a visual zag in the reflection. Finishing some of these pieces is somewhat like polishing a lens, and can only be acomplished by a lot of hand labor by a hand that can feel when the curves are right.

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Woman in Bronze
Wizard in Ecstasy


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