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Limited Edition Bronze Tile

Size: 8" x 8" X 3/16"

Price: $300 (plus shipping and sales tax)

Edition size: 1000

Size: 6" x 6" X 3/16"

Price: $220 (plus shipping and sales tax)

Edition size: 1000

This knot evolved over a few months of drawing, erasing, trying again, not liking one thing or another, and finally reaching the two styles you see above. The upper picture is of the 8" tile, and has a uniform line width, while the 6" tile in the lower picture has a varying line width.

I call it the Butterfly Knot for a couple of reasons. The tightness and complexity of the weave reminded me of the designs in butterfly wings, and the balance is somewhat like what is called a butterfly when working with wood and unfolding adjacent planks cut from a tree such that they reflect the grain patterns from one to the other. There is also the butterfly effect which relates to the affect one small change now in one place can have later in another place, for instance a butterfly sneeze in China a hundred years ago can be the source of hurricanes in the gulf this last summer. I doubt that this tile will actually have that much effect on anything at any time, but you never can tell.

If this is the tile you choose to enhance your hearth, kitchen, entrance way, driveway, or living room wall, I'll need to know how you want to set or mount it. The base thickness of this tile is about 3/16" and typically is flat on the back. Stubs, tabs, or threaded rod can be added on the back to bring it out to any thickness desired for $10 each, up to 2" long, but I'll need this information before it's cast.

For further information concerning your particular application please refer to the information on the Bronze Tiles page to see if this answers your questions, and if not, please feel free to email me at michael@enchantedcreek.com. Special orders and commissioned work are more than welcome.

Thank you for your interest and appreciation.


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