Works in Progress

What you will see here are works in progress, of which there are a few. To begin with I'll feature the one that has most of my attention, and with luck you'll be able to see some pieces in various stages of completion. Some of the things I do have to go through a few different processes in order to reach completion, and I thought it'd be interesting to show some of what it takes to produce a Bronze sculpture, for instance, which can be pretty complicated. Obviously this will be the most active set of pages in the set, and so most subject to error. Any ideas you might have concerning alternate uses for elements of what you see are welcome.

Mother and Child

Hand of the Woman Scorn'd

Young Love

Please note: All the images you see and the pages you see them on are covered by copyright laws and it's a lot cheaper to deal with me directly than not. Thanks for supporting the rights of the artists.

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