Synthetic Media

Once in awhile I create a sculpture that lends itself to having a mold made of it, and of those some are suitable for casting in a synthetic media in addition to bronze. Synthetic media, in this case, usually refers to either Calcium Sulfate or Calcium Carbonate compounds, known commonly as gypsum and limestone in nature. After processing the gypsum becomes a wide range of compounds ranging from plasters through Hydrocal to Hydrostone. The limestone, after crushing and heating and dehydration, becomes cement. I've become a great fan of Hydrostone due to it's great hardness, and the way it works, so the majority of what you will see here is fashioned in Hydrostone. What it affords the art collector is a relatively inexpensive way to acquire a sculpture that is a true limited edition of a small run that is based on a bronze edition. Each piece is signed and numbered by the artist, and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and an Original Transfer of Artworks.

Woman in Stone Wizard in Ecstasy

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