Woman in Bronze

"Woman in Bronze"

Michael Dunn

Limited edition Bronze

Edition Size: 47

Size: 10" x 3" x 4"

Price: $900.00

This is the first in the Figurative series of Bronze sculptures concieved in the period from 1993 through 1994. It's been shown in various galleries and exhibitions, from California to Montana, and has recieved very positive reviews. The inspiration for this piece came from a woman living with me at the time who was more body focused than intellectual. It was not meant to degrade her gifts, but to celebrate them. It was originally carved from a piece of Redwood that had splintered from a tree over a thousand years old that was brought down in a small tornado in 1978 here alongside Enchanted Creek. A latex mold was made of that, and a plaster master was cast. This was finished to perfection, and then a polyurethane mold was made of that, from which the waxes are cast to translate into the Bronze you see above. There is also another Limited Edition cast in Hydrostone of 470 pieces, some of which have already been purchased by collectors. Bases are not included due to people's personal taste, but are available at $50 for a wooden base, and $100 for a Black Granite base. A Certificate of Authenticity and a Transfer of Original Artworks accompanies each piece.

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