Infinity Series

The Infinity Series started in my head a very long time ago, but it wasn't until I took a Small Scale Metals/Jewelry class from Lynda Watson Abbot, at Cabrillo College, that I had the opportunity to actually cast the first of this series, a small sculptural model of the symbol for infinity. The next step was to give it a little twist, which I did, and then see where it led me. That path led to the philosophies of eternal life which gave me something to think about for awhile. The last piece in this series is an expression of the mathematical aspects of the Nature, Humanity, and God - Infinity Cubed, and as soon as I get the image together you can see it too. I know that this series has launched me into another realm of sculpture, and that the concept of infinity shows in a lot of what I do, but I believe this series is finished. Share your thoughts on this subject with me, and maybe we can figure it all out.

Silver Infinity

Twisted Infinity


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